All Places Dog and what we’re creating

Hi there! My name is Robbie, creator of All Places Dog and explorer from Maine. I’m living the #vanlife with my dog Murphy and going on every dog-friendly adventure we can find. There’s nothing I love more than bringing Murphy everywhere I go. Unfortunately, not all destinations allow dogs. Places I enjoy most such as National Parks, beaches, lakes, restaurants, and hiking trails can be very restrictive or prohibit dogs in general. This is where my vision for All Places Dog comes in.

As we explore the country, I’m tracking the places I’ve enjoyed with Murphy and sharing them with fellow dog lovers and adventurers. My goal for All Places Dog is to make the search for dog-friendly places easier and provide exact itineraries so you can enjoy the adventure with your dog. I’ll also be actively verifying and adding dog-friendly beaches, restaurants, breweries, and attractions to the website. It’s a big task, but with the help of dog lovers like myself,  we’ll be able to create guides and databases where the information on dog-friendly places is reliable and always up to date.

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Happy exploring!