Horseshoe Bend

Page, Arizona
  • scenic viewing


Horseshoe Bend is a spectacular attraction that takes less than 1 hour to see. This scenic viewpoint located in Page, Arizona overlooks the Colorado River which is surrounded by vibrant canyon walls.

What to Expect

It’s a short 15-minute walk to the main viewpoint. Once you reach the main viewpoint and peer over the railing, you may see kayaks and boats floating in the Colorado River below.

Parking and Fees

The parking lot is accommodating to all vehicles and has designated parking areas for large RVs and trailers. There is a fee for entering the attraction and parking your vehicle. The fees vary depending on passengers and vehicle size. The standard-sized non-commercial vehicle cost is $10.

Basic Rules

  • Dogs must be leashed at all times.
  • Bag your dog’s waste. There are garbage cans in the parking lot where you can dispose of the waste following your walk to the canyon.